Der Feuerwehrhelm

Fire in a skyscraper


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Federal Republic of Germany since 1949 Synthetic helmet (˜1970)
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0309 Civilian safety helmet from Germany.
The helmet consists of a white glass fiber. He is based on the form of the German air safety helmets from the 2nd World War. (See 8/61). The far neck shield replaces a neck leather, lateral voids in the edge make possible a hearing better. In the past, helmets of this construction were built mainly for the civil defense. However, they were also worn by the fire department and the department of tecnical help (THW). The fire departments of the Netherlands used parallel to the German civilian safety helmet an a little extended model. (Cockscomb, neck leather, better chinstrap, see helmet 128).
The synthetic material helmet has no examining watch wich showes the production date. These helmets were built to approx. 1971, they then were changed into a new helmets generation according to DIN4840 (see helmet 157). The manufacturer isn't well-known either. Due to the symbol inside the helmet could have been produced by the German company Auer (today MSA Auer). The size is adjustable between 53-61, the chinstrap gets predefined and closed about a fast seal in the length.
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