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Tonga Synthetic helmet (˜1988)
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0837 Fire helmet from the Kingdom of Tonga. The yellow helmet, from the small island group in the South Pacific, was produced by the English company Cromwell - Helmets Integrated Systems Limited in England, in the period around 1988. The helmet type is: "F 500 S". It is built according to Brithis standard "BS3864: 1989". The British Standards Institution is comparable to the German DIN standardization. The BS 3864 (Protective Helmets for Firefighters) was introduced in March 1965. It was valid in various revisions until November 1989. Thereafter, the BS EN 443: 1997, then the BS EN 443: 2008 was applied. The helmet could thus be one of the last helmets according to the old BS standard. The helmet is adjustable to the head size 53-57cm. It does not have a turnable knob to adjust the head size. For more information on the helmet, see 0245 and 0109 Great Britain. The Kingdom of Tonga became independent of Great Britain in 1970. In 1978 the government handed over the fire brigade of the Ministry of Labor to the police department. The officers are policemen, the firefighters partly unskilled forces. Yellow helmets are for the team. They have the simple metal badge with the inscription "Tonga" on the front. The white helmets of the officers have the inscription "Tonga Police Force" on the metal badge.
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