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Portugal Synthetic helmet (˜2005)
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0833 Fire helmet from Portugal. The manufacturer of the red Kevlar helmet is the company Pacific Helmets from New Zealand. The helmet type is: "A3TK / 2". The "A" stands for ambulance and the letter "T" for Torch (luminaire). The helmet is also available in A3K version. This is without the opening for inserting a helmet light. In addition to the helmets for the ambulances (rescue service) there are also special helmets for the technical assistance service. These rescue helmets start with an R in the type name (see helmet 0268 and 0269, New Zealand). The helmet is adjustable for head sizes from 54-62cm. It was produced in March 2005. The valid standardization is EN443. The inscription "Bombeiros" (fire brigade) is attached to the sides of the helmet.
See helmet 0250, New Zealand
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