Der Feuerwehrhelm

Fire Department of the Austrian Daimler Engine Company
Wiener Neustadt


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Saudi Arabia Synthetic helmet (˜1997)
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0832 Fire helmet from Saudi Arabia. The helmet from Cromwell, type: F600 is manufactured by the British helmet manufacturer Helmet Integrated Systems Ltd. In Scotland. The helmet corresponds to EN443, it was produced in 1997. Head size 53-63 cm. The white helmet of a station officer (platoon leader) was deployed at the Royal Saudi Air Force fire service at the Prince Sultan Air Base in Al Kharj. On the front of the helmet is a silver metal badge. It shows the coat of arms of Saudi Arabia, (palm over two crossed, oriental sabers) above it a crown. Palm trees and sabers have been the hallmark of Saudi Arabia since about 1930. For details of the helmet, see helmet number 0295, Great Britain.
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