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China Synthetic helmet (˜2003)
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0824 Fire helmet from Hong kong. The manufacturer of the yellow helmet is the company Pacific Helmets from New Zealand, the helmet type is: F3DK / 2. The date of manufacture is 12/2003. Applicable standard for the helmet: EN 443 / AS4067: 1994. The helmet size is adjustable from 54-62 cm. See also helmet 0786, Fidji. After the letters "FBT" on bothe helmet sides, the helmet was used on one of the fire boats. The yellow helmet, without rank, stands for a firefighter. On the front is the badge of the Hong-kong fire service. In opposite to the older helmets (see helmets 0117 and 0181, China) the new badge has been installed here. In 1999, Hong-kong was returned from Britain to China. The former crown colony still has a special status in China.
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