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Russia Synthetic helmet (˜1995)
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0821 Firefighter helmet from Russia. The manufacturer of the white polycarbonate helmet is unknown. The helmet type is called KP-92. The helmet shape is rather unusual for Russia because, there were so far no helmets with surrounding brim. The helmet is very similar to the Hungarian plastic helmets of this time (see helmet 0448, Hungary). The helmet shell is very thick, the inner helmet is attached to the helmet shell at 4 points. For this, the PVC tabs of the headband are inserted into the helmet shell. Four bands of leash and a leather upholstery form the headrest. The leather chin strap has a 2 point attachment and a plug made of PVC. The large neck protector made of fabric is lined on the outside. The plexiglass visor is held by an aluminum bracket, which is screwed to the side of the helmet. In the helmet are no references to a manufacturer, the date of manufacture or something else. The Internet, however, provides a few data on the helmet:
Technical characteristics of fire helmets KP-92:
Weight - 1 kg.
The maximum allowable impact energy on the body, joule 80
Overall dimensions - 370x290x190mm
Average life - not less than 5 years
The material in production - polycarbonate
The helmet was worn in the time around 1995.
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