Der Feuerwehrhelm

Volunteer Fire Brigade Castelo Paiva
at the fire department parade in Avairo
"Dia do Bombeiro"


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Belgium Synthetic helmet (˜1970)
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0810 Fire helmet from Belgium. As in the Netherlands, helmets from the German company Schuberth were also worn in Belgium. The manufacturer "Schuberthwerk Braunschweig West Germany" is stamped on the inside of the helmet. This helmet was built in 1970 according to DIN 4840. In Belgium, there were many different types of helmets, such as this simple helmet, which was also used in Syria (see helmet 154). On the front is the coat of arms of the Belgian fire brigades. The red glass fiber helmet was repainted in the area of the surrounding edge protection. A white "7" was attached to the front. The meaning is not known. Inside the helmet, a sticker with the letters "VDP" is attached. VDP stands for the company Vandenputte, an outfitter of fire brigade and rescue services.
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