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Germany Leather helmet (˜1915)
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0809 Fire helmet from Germany. The leather helmet, shown here, is probably one of the most built leather helmets in Germany. The helmet arose after the first world war. It was derived from the M15 used in the German Army. The army helmet M15 was often converted to a fire helmet. The helmet has a brass comb, the umbrella is enclosed with brass, the side cockades for the attachment of the chin strap are also made of brass. On the left is the cockade of the state of Saxony. The associated cockade of the German Reich on the right side (black-white-red) is missing. The helmet was worn between 1915 and 1934. On the front there is a star (Gardestern) with a mounted fire brigade symbol. On this, is the name of the volunteer fire brigade Cunewalde. The fire brigade Cunewalde was founded in 1876.
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