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New Zealand Synthetic helmet (˜2014)
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0808 Fire helmet from New Zealand. Manufacturer is the New Zealand company Pacific Helmets. The helmet type is: F10 MKIII. Helmet in the "Euro" or "Jet style" with an internal visor and a separate, automatic eye protection visor, that automatically pulls out of the helmet shell at light pressure. The helmet was certified according to AS / NZS 4067, EN443, NFPA 1971 and NFPA 1951. The helmet was manufactured in November 2014. The specified head size is 52-64cm.

The manufacturer describes his helmet as follows:

Fire helmet with integrated face protection visor and "OneTouch" eye protection glasses
PACIFIC F10 MkIII - versatile, individual and with unmatched wear comfort.

Developed in cooperation with fire brigades from all over the world, the F10MkIII offers the greatest possible protection against the dangers at the place of deployment.
Weighing only 1310 grams, it is one of the lightweights in the class of plastic helmets. Its outer shell is additionally reinforced with Kevlar to meet the toughest demands. Certifications according to worldwide standards such as NFPA, EN or Wheelmark guarantee security.

For best eye protection against flying parts, an eye protection goggle according to EN166, which automatically exits with a slight pressure. The large, fully integrated, visually weakened visor protects the entire face, if required.
A helmet shell for all sizes of 52-64cm head circumference, a continuously adjustable headband and individually adjustable 4-point straps, for a secure fit on almost every head shape and size. A wool-padded interior and side upholstery ensure comfortable wearing comfort.

In addition, there are a variety of accessories, such as several different types of neck protection or visor types. In addition, a special lamp holder for original UK lamps provides glare-free light.
Its well thought-out system also offers unrivaled advantages in service: few components that can be exchanged with standard tools ensure easy and fast restoration, even if something had broken. Hygienic components such as hairnet, headband or neck protector can be exchanged even without the need for tools.

Key Features:
Light weight Kevlar®/fiberglass reinforced composite shell.
UV-resistant hi-gloss paint finish
Polyurethane impact liner for increased mechanical and thermal protection
Headband with removable padding for cleaning and replacement
Nape strap with ratchet size adjustment between 52-64cm for comfortable fit
Nylon webbing cradle system for optimal comfort
3-point flame retardant Nomex chinstrap comes with quick release buckle andleather comfort pads
Internally retracting full bubble face shield
Flame retardant Nomex neck protector

Internally retracting One Touch TM Eye Protector
Pacific Easi on/off Torch base
UK 3AA LED Torch
Customized stripes/badges/decals that is visible from all sides and in all conditions

Certification & Approval*
Tested and certified to AS/NZS4067:2012
EN443:2008 (Type A & B)
CE marked to PPE Directive 89/686/EEC
NFPA 1971:2013
* Certification dependant on helmet configuration

Additional Approval:
Neck protector – various design and material choices.
Suitable for very low temperature use (-30 deg C).
Resistance to chemicals.
Surface electrical insulation.
Certification to NFPA 1971:2013 for structural fire fighting, and NFPA 1951:2013
ensembles for technical rescue operations.
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