Der Feuerwehrhelm

Operation with the former
Fire truck
of the fire brigade Mengen
in a forest fire in


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United States Synthetic helmet (˜2007)
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0805 Fire helmet from the USA. The helmet was built by Pacific Helmets in New Zealand. The helmet type is: F3K / 1. The helmet was produced on 9th April 2007 according to British Standard BS3864: 1989. The helmet has an eye protection visor made of polycarbonate and a neck protector made of Nomex. In the helmet, an energy absorber system provides additional protection against impacts. The inner helmet can be adjusted in the head size by a setting wheel. The two-point chin strap is made of nylon, the closure from plastic. Compared to the more recent helmets of this type, this helmet still has the old shape of the visor fastening, without the limiting pin next to the hinge. (See Helmets 0098, Australia and 0786, Fidji). On the side of the black helmet there is a bright yellow sticker with the text: Firefighter / EMT as well as yellow reflecting stickers. There is also a yellow sticker on the front. The text here is: Firefighter - Fire Dept. At which fire brigade the helmet was used is unknown.
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