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United States Synthetic helmet (˜1999)
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0804 Fire helmet from USA. The blue-painted glass fiber helmet was built by Lion Apparell from Dayton, Ohio. The helmet type is: Model Legend. Lion Apparell is known as a manufacturer of fire-fighting clothing. However, the company also had two helmet models in the assortment. These were the helmets Lion Legend and Lion Revolution. Lion Apparell has been manufacturing helmets for Paul Conway since about 2004, also in Dayton, Ohio. This helmet was made in the 07.02.1999. The helmet corresponds to the NFPA 1971, edition 1997. The classic helmet has a rubberized edge protector. To attach the visor to the helmet, there are plastic hinges on the side where the screw connection is fastened. For shock absorbing, inside the helmet shell is layered with Styrofoam. The inner helmet consists of nylon straps, the headband of PVC. The headband can be adjusted to the head sizes from 6.5 to 8 with an adjusting screw. A neck protector is also attached to the inner helmet. On the front is a leather front plate with the inscription "Engine - Chief - SFFD". SFFD stand for San Francisco Fire Department. This information can not be confirmed.
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