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Malaysia Synthetic helmet (˜2005)
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0803 Firefighter helmet from Malaysia. The manufacturer of the simple white polycarbonate helmet is not known. The thick helmet shell is raw inside and white painted outside. Its shape is reminiscent of the M1 Army helmets of the USA, which have existed since 1941. The inner helmet consists mainly of nylon bands. The leather headband is attached to a nylon strap and can be adjusted by a Velcro fastener. A styrofoam layer, loosely inserted into the helmet shell, should protect the head additionally. The chin strap has a quick-release plastic closure. At the helmet, there are no references to the manufacturer, helmet type, year of manufacture or similar data. However, I would place the helmet on the time around 2005 to 2010. On the front is the insignia of the fire brigade with the inscription "Kadet Bomba Dan Penyelamat Malaysia". It means, for example: "Kadet - Fire brigade and rescue service Malaysia. The helmet was worn by firefighters whose training was not yet finished. For firefighters with completed training, there was another helmet badge. (See helmet 0802, Malaysia)
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