Der Feuerwehrhelm

Fire department of the Harland Wolff shipyard in Belfast
Northern Ireland


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Bulgaria Synthetic helmet (˜1975)
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0790 Fire helmet from Bulgaria. The helmet of glass fiber corresponds in its form very strongly to the helmets of the Japanese fire brigades (see helmets 0516/0517/0752 Japan). However, it can not be confirmed, with certainty, that this helmet is also from the Japanese producer Kobayashi Fire Protective Co. Ltd. The silver-painted helmet has a significantly thicker helmet shell than the helmets from Japan. The inner helmet is also different. The head band is made of thick, soft fabric with a padding of foam. Linen tapes form the rest of the inner helmet. An adaptation to the head size could not be made. The chin strap is made of leather. On the front is the number "1". The helmet comes from the professional fire brigade of the city of Sofia. He was used there in the time around 1975.
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