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Great Britain Synthetic helmet (˜1994)
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0783 Fire helmet from Great Britain. The yellow plastic helmet was manufactured by Jo Bird Ltd. in Great Britain. The helmet type is called Firebird. The head size is from 500 - 600mm, the date of manufacture is 10/1994. The helmet is according to BS 3864: 1989 (BS = British standard, 3864 = specification for fire helmets). The BS3864 was later replaced by BS EN 443: 1997 and then by EN443. The helmet has an edge protection profile and at the rear side a suspension loop. The plexiglass visor is fixed to the side of the helmet. There are holders made of plastic. The helmet is lined with a shock absorption system. The inner helmet is made of nylon. The fabric's chin strap has a quick-release plastic closure. The helmet has no reference to the fire department where the helmet was used.
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