Der Feuerwehrhelm

Fire squad in protective clothing
fire brigade
former GDR


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Federal Republic of Germany since 1949 Leather helmet (˜1949)
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0782 Fire helmet from Germany. This helmet is a "König" smoke helmet. The name goes back to a fire chief that was working at the Altona fire service at the end of 1890. With his helmet, the fire chief tried to minimize the existing danger by fire smoke. This is, how the predecessor of today's respiratory protection came about. The helmets are made of leather. They are built like the leather helmets of this time. So they have a small neck brim which is sewn to the helmet shell. The side between the front and the back leather brim were closed with a light leather protector that extended to the firefighter's shoulders. The front brim was made as a leather shield. In this, eyeglasses with metal frame were built in. Underneath the glases is the breathing valve. Fresh air enters the helmet via a hose system. Another firefighter was required to pump fresh air by using a bellows made from wood and leather. In some systems, a loudspeaker was installed in the air hose. Then it could be communicated with the firefighter. Early helmets were made of black leather. Later helmets usually have a brown leather. This helmet system was built in the 1960s. These helmets were often used in shipping on the North Sea and Baltic Sea, and also on the Rhine river. The helmet shown here, comes from the "white fleet" in Cologne on the Rhine river.
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