Der Feuerwehrhelm

Change of generations
The fire brigade Frankfurt am Main gets new fire helmets


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Third Reich until 1945 Sheet steel helmet (˜1944)
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0779 Fire helmet from Germany. The 1-piece German helmet made of sheet metal dates from around 1944. It is the successor of the 3-piece helmet, see No. 0008, Germany. The serial number is RL2 39/25. This number stands for the manufacturer Eisenhüttenwerk Thale in Thale (Harz). The inner helmet consists of leash, the chin strap also. The models from 1943 onwards were no longer equipped with the air protection sign at the front. From summer 1943 the M44 is built in new, one-piece form with a simpler inner helmet because of new production regulations. The helmet comes from the city of Villingen in Baden-Württemberg. See helmet 0703, Germany.
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