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Norway Steel helmet (˜1931)
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0777 Firefighter helmet from Norway. The heavy steel helmet comes from the Swedish Army. The original helmet type is the M26. This helmet has been further developed. His inner helmet has been improved. Instead of the three usual leather parts of the inner helmet, a more complex inner helmet made of leather and linen bands is installed here. The helmet type is called M31. The corresponding stamping on the inside is "IIKR". The M1931 is widely used in the Baltic region, so it bears the nickname "Baltic Helmet". The manufacturer of the helmet is the Swedish company Eskilstuna Stålpressning A / B, later the production was taken over by the Norwegian Raufoss A / S. The helmet was painted yellow for use at the Civil Defense (Sivilforsvaret). On the front is their badge. The Norwegian Civil Protection was founded in 1936.
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