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South-Korea Synthetic helmet (˜1995)
In this collection since: 28.01.2016
0761 Fire helmet from South Korea. The yellow polycarbonate helmet is from the driver of a fire engine. This special helmet form for drivers are only available in Seoul. The yellow helmet color stands at firefighting units for the team members. The lightweight polycarbonate helmet has the similar shape as the helmets of the technical assistance units (see helmet 0760 and 0254, South Korea) or the paramedics who had worn a similar helmet in the mid-1990s. (See helmet 0213 South Korea). The inside of the helmet is lined with styrofoam. In the area of the forehead, the styrofoam is covered with fabric. There is no head size adjustment. The nylon chinstrap has a 4 point attachment and a plastic quick release fastener. On the front is already the newer, uniform symbol of the fire brigades of South Korea attached. This exists since 2003. At the side, the helmet has red reflex stickers and the flag of South Korea. At the rear the emergency number "119" of the fire brigade is attached.
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