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Federal Republic of Germany since 1949 Helmet lamp (˜1980)
In this collection since: 16.02.2014
0577 Helmet lamp from the company CEAG, type HLE 7L Ex, 1229/203.
The helmet lamp was used at the German civil defense or THW (see helmet 157/262). The lamp includes a headpiece and a battery case. Both are interconnected by a highly flexible neoprene sheathed cable. The lamp head is detachable. It can be mounted by means of standardized attachment to a helmet or headband. The battery box is fastened to the belt.
The charger for the maintenance-free and gas-tight Ni-Cd batteries with 3.6 volts and 7Ah is installed. The charging time is approximately 20h. They must be switched off manually. The charging process is indicated by a green LED. Following 220V ~ using the supplied power cord.
Test number: PTB-No. III B / E - 29 989 Ex s G 4. Do not use in Zone 0!
The two-filament bulb has a thread with saving light and with the main light. The focal length of the main beam is between approximately 8 hours.

Technical specifications:
Explosion protection. Water resistant. Shockproof.
Belt clip for battery pack, 3x 1.2V, with cable connection to the helmet
Green LED charge control, 18-20 hours of charging.
Tested and working. get nice, traces through labels, BUND.
Housing material: Polyamide
Color: Black leather bag
Diameter of the light aperture: 65 mm
Material: mineral glass
Rotary switch with 3 positions: OFF - side light - headlight
Two-filament bulb 3.75V DC 0.8 / 0.3 A
Max beam length: 30 meters
IP 54
Permissible ambient temperature: -20 ° C .... + 40 ° C
Power supply: NiCd battery / 3.6V DC; 7 Ah
On-board charger
Supply voltage: 230 V AC ± 10%, 50/60 Hz
Class II
Power consumption: 4 VA
Ambient temperature during charging: 0 ° C .... 35 ° C
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