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Federal Republic of Germany since 1949 Synthetic helmet (˜2010)
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0565 Fire helmet of the Bullard GmbH in Germany.
The helmet is a production that was never on the market. Base of the helmet is the “H1500” from Bullard. The helmet was changed for marketing by the Inter Spiro Company individually and should come as a helmet type “IS2000” on the market. The helmet shown here was produced only for the Interschutz 2010, a big fire equipment exhibition in Germany.

Bullard describes this helmet as follows:

• Outer shell
hand made, glass fiber reinforced composite material. Extremely stiff and light.
Circulating reflective tape.
System Adapter for easy installation and removal of visors, ear protection and radio.
Visors of clear plastic or mesh netting in different lengths and surface treatments

• head ring
With knob lock for fast adaption of the head size. Setting the load height with adjustable fastener tapes.
Reference materials and strapping of Nomex, removable, easy to clean and replace.

• Goggles
Professional use glasses, flame resistant, temperature resistant with a perfect fit by linkage to the head ring.
Scratch resistant and anti-fog visor, ventilation and quick release.
Suitable for eyeglass wearers.

• Eye, face and hearing protection
Easy installation by plugging into lateral adapter. Stable visor carrier frame with visor shields in two lengths. Frame blasphemous solve the helmet in case of entanglement without damage.
Visor easily interchangeable with mesh visor.
Hearing protection in the system via an adapter to mount.
Different protection classes according to the level of hazard.

• Strapping
New laterally arranged security key lock.
Chin strap adjustable on both sides, neck strap over central folding buckle adjustable.

• Neck protection
Made from Nomex, inside covered, to protect the neck, ear and parts of the cheeks area to flames, sparks, steam and liquids. Poet, flush mounting on velcro.
Optional Holland cloth structure according HuPF.

• Radio and light
Universal mounting system for mounting hearing headsets and lamps.
Turning and easily removable links.
Haller lamp with universal mounting for different lamp types.
Recess in the inner shell for receiving bodily acoustic microphones.
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