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Federal Republic of Germany since 1949 Synthetic helmet (˜2012)
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0531 Fire helmet from Germany.
Manufacturer is the company Dräger. The type is called HPS 3100.
The helmet was manufactured by the Italian company Sicor in Italy on 16.01.2012. The helmets of the HPS series were previously built by the German company Schuberth in Braunschweig.
The bright yellow helmet was equipped with a mesh visor and ear protection. Protective glasses and a lamp holder for a UK4AA are available.

The manufacturer describes his helmet as follows:

The Dräger HPS 3100 - a multi-functional and universal helmet for the various demands of emergency teams in search and rescue missions, for forest and bush firefighting, road accidents, height rescue and any kind of technical support operations in emergency situations.


High-tech materials provide an optimal combination of protection and mechanical resistance – with very low weight. The extremely robust painted helmet shell made of durable thermoplast provides high and comprehensive protection. With its modern design and structure the helmet is a combination between industrial safety helmets according to EN 397 and mountaineer helmets according to EN 12492.

Optimal climate

The Dräger HPS 3100 features a ventilation system which ensures an optimal climate under the helmet. If needed, it is sealable for protection against ingress of water, sparks or cuttings. The interior design is made of skin-friendly materials which are anti-allergic, sweat- and mold-repellant and breathable.

Wide range of accessories

Due to its wide range of accessories the Dräger HPS 3100 is "One helmet for all applications". Visors and ear protection systems are safely adapted to the helmet via a multifunction adapter. Special visors such as mesh visors and electric visors are available. The range of accessories also includes helmet lamps as well as lamp holders, ear protection systems, PC visor; a neck curtain made of flameproof Nomex material and reflective strips of various colors.

User optimized wearing comfort

The high wearing comfort results from the modern interior design and the 4-point harness including padding in the complete area of the head. The chin strap is fitted with a chin loop and fastened by a buckle – it can be easily adjusted via Velcro fasteners. The adjustment wheel for the individual head size adjustment is simply and safely accessible with gloves during operations without doffing the helmet.

Standard delivery with safety goggles

The safety goggles provided with the Dräger HPS 3100 as a standard are made of a flameproof material and are approved to EN 166 and EN 14458. The ergonomic design of the spectacles frame made of polyurethane provides highest wearing comfort. The goggles are ventilated passively and in combination with the modern anti-scratch coated double-lenses system (Pinlock) made of poly- carbonate they are optimally protected against fogging and scratching.

Easy cleaning

For cleaning and servicing the complete interior design can be assembled and disassembled without any tools.
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