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Federal Republic of Germany since 1949 Synthetic helmet (˜2012)
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0465 Fire Helmet from the company Schuberth, Germany.
The helmet type is called F220.
Schuberth describes her helmet as follows:

High-performance fire helmet for fire fighting in buildings and other structures, in modern form, with perfect functionality and highest wearing comfort.

Product benefits
Modern helmet shape, Type A

Approved according to DIN EN 443:2008
Increased resistance to flames, helmet shell material made of further developed, highly temperature-resistant HighTemp-Fibre
Integrated visor tested to DIN EN 14458:2004
3-point-chin-neck strap made from Nomex® material
Height-adjustable interior fittings
Head size quick-adjustment system for full-face masks with head strap
High-quality inner shell of PU foam
Multi-Adaption-Lock; Pushbutton fasteners for direct attachment of full-face masks as well as accessories
Lamp holder
Wide range of accessories
Electrical insulation capacity E2/E3
Low-temperature classifi cation –40°C
Contact with liquid chemicals
Solas approval

High-performance fire fighters helmet for fire fighting in buildings and other structures, in modern helmet shape, with perfect functionality and maximum wearing comfort.

EN 443:2008

Additional requirements
Solas approval
Contact with liquid chemicals
Electrical insulation capacity E2/E3
Low-temperature classification –40°C

Interior fittings
Height-adjustable interior fittings with carry net provides great comfort when wearing because of optimum weight distribution
head support ring with ecological leather sweatband (suitable for allergy sufferers)

Closure system
3-point chin/neck strap with quick-fastener, made from Nomex® strap

Helmet lamp KS-7650
Helmet lamp KS-7510

Spare parts
Replacement visor
Head support ring (with ecological leather sweatband)
Carrier net with net holder
Ecological leather sweatband
Chin/neck strap
Reflective foil
Fastening screws

Production date: 10/2012
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