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Federal Republic of Germany since 1949 Synthetic helmet (˜2011)
In this collection since: 12.01.2013
0456 Fire Helmet from the company Bullard GmbH, Germany.
The helmet type is called Bullard Magma.
Bullard describes her helmet as follows:

The new Magma® helmet system is based on a platform that enables the user to configure his/her individual helmet. Whether a type A half-shell helmet or type B three-quarter-shell helmet, the construction kit offers it all, while keeping the design thoroughly consistent. The system allows for customized choices without compromising comfort, safety and functionality.
All these elements can be combined as you like and changed at any time. Magma features a lightweight design thanks to an innovative shell material, while offering the utmost functionality. The helmet features an unmatched low weight of less than 1,400 grams and is made from just 29 (Helmet with visor and no accessories)
components. Users can remove and assemble the helmet components in just five minutes. The system also offers a large variety of adjustment options that allow for maximum comfort while providing premium safety.
Bullard's Magma® puts special focus on the operating costs. No other helmet consists of fewer components. As a result, fewer components are subject to wear-and-tear and must be held on stock as spare parts. Each component can be replaced individually at reasonable prices.

Colours and Ranking
Magma offers a huge range of colours and colour combinations, as well as various options for ranking by colours, logos and text on the front frame or on the reflective stripes.

The Platform Helmet
As part of Magma's platform, the outer shell and visor engage to hermetically seal the inner compartment against all risks. No comparable helmet offers similar protection against heat, flames, sparks and fluids.


Head Ring
The Magma head ring is made from just three components. Clearly laid out and easy to operate. The front and rear height of the head ring can be adjusted separately, just like the wearing height. These functions ensure sufficient space for a perfect fit of the protective goggles and the mask for the largest known head size range of 50-65cm.

Three-Dimensional Visor
The three-dimensional visor covers the retracted front frame for a maximum upper and lateral field of view, while also covering the complete face up to the chin, leaving enough space for spectacles, protective goggles and even a respirator mask.

Strap System
The strap system was equipped with a new safety buckle, which is arranged laterally for superior wearing comfort and easy handling. The x-shaped design of the neck straps fits comfortably, adjusts itself automatically and obtains superior results in pull-off tests.

Respirator Mask
The helmet is compatible with all conventional respirator masks - whether with rubber straps or an adjustable two-point mask connection.

Radio with bone or swan microphones can be mounted in no time without tools to the designated attachment points.

Bullard chose not to go with a torch model orientated system because of the fast evolvement of the LED technology and the large variety of requirements.
The newly developed torch adapter from Bullard is compatible with many different types of torches. The adapter is attached to the most accessible position: below the eye line, for low-reflection illumination.

Ear-Neck Protector
Made from Nomex® with an inner liner. Alternatively full face protection by a multiple layer "Dutch Ear Neck Protector" according to HuPF.
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