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Russia Synthetic helmet (˜1970)
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0442 Fire helmet from Russia. The plastic helmet was worn in the period around 1970 in the Russian city of Kandalaksha. Kandalaksha (Oblast Murmansk) is located about 100km from the border to Finland and about 200km south of Murmansk on the White Sea. The milky polycarbonate is very translucent although the shell is very thick with 4mm. The helmet is based in the form of steel helmets type SSh-40 which at the same time exist. Polycarbonate helmets from type KZ91 were first introduced about 1990. The type and the age of this helmet are somewhat unclear!
The polycarbonate helmet has a 4mm thick helmet bowl, but is still relatively easy. Inner helmet and neck guard are made of synthetic leather, the neck guard is attached to the inner helmet. 5 sheet metal strips form the connection between the inner helmet and bowl. The helmet interior consists of 5 leather segments, at the neck is a short, separate neck leather attached. Over this, a 15 cm long separate neck leather is attached. The chin strap of leather is attached at 4 points on the helmet bowl. The length is adjusted by a metal strap. The ball visor from 5mm thick plexiglass is provided at the front with some holes. The visor is attached at the side with a metal bracket on the helmet. It can be set via two joints so that it can be worn directly on the helmet or on the face.
At the front and the backside is the number "9" painted in black. There is also in red a "stamp" painted on. The text is: Kandalaksha, the city from the helmet comes from. The number 9 stands for the fire station. Thanks to Sergei Dotsenko for this hint.
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