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Latvia Synthetic helmet (˜1994)
In this collection since: 17.07.2011
0386 Fire Helmet from Riga, Latvia. The polycarbonate helmet type KZ91 was introduced in 1990. He is aligned with the predecessor of steel helmets of the type SSh-40. (See Helm 32/321). The helmet, used in the State Fire and Rescue Service of Latvia (UGUNSDZESIBAS DEPARTMENT - Division of Fire Prevention / VALST UGUNSDZESIBAS UN GLABSANAS SERVICES - State Fire and Rescue Service) has its origins in the former Soviet Union. The helmets were white originally. When Latvia was released in 1992 by the USSR to independence, the helmets were painted black in Latvia and received red reflective strips. The "7" on the helmet stands for Fire Station 7 it is also called "Brigade of the rapid reaction". In Riga was the helmet used until the year 1997 and then replaced by another generation of helmets. Riga used today (2011) the Croatian helmet compacta PU from PAB (see Helm 284) which is available since 2005. In the years from 1997 to 2005, the Fire Department in Riga uses the helmet number 388. In smaller cities in Latvia, the helmet KZ91 is still in use. The polycarbonate helmet has a approximately 4mm thick helmet bell, but he is still relatively lightly. The inner helmet and neck protection are made of synthetic leather, the neck guard is attached to the inner helmet. 5 Metal Strips are the connection between the inner helmet and helmet bell. The inner helmet consists of five leather segments on the neck are four segments to one short, separate neck guard summarized. The chin strap of leather is attached on four points on the helmet bell. The length is adjusted by a metal strap. The ball visor made of 5mm thick acrylic glass (Perspex) is provided at the front with a perforation for communication. The visor is fixed on the side with a metal bracket. It can be set by two joints so that it can be worn directly on the helmet or on the face.
At the front is the badge of the VALST UGUNSDZESIBAS UN GLABSANAS DIENESTS (State Fire and Rescue Service) installed.
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