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Federal Republic of Germany since 1949 Synthetic helmet (˜2004)
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0350 Fire helmet of the German companies Schuberth helmets Braunschweig and Dräger Safety Lübeck. Type HPS6100. In cooperation with Schuberth Helme GmbH, Braunschweig, Dräger Safety started with the development of two new fire department helmets in the year 2002. It was the clear target to develop a new, all-embracingly sure protection for the head system for the fire departments and help organizations. The results are impressive. The Head Protection system, called HPS briefly, fulfills not only all requirements on a safe helmet but offers additional protection and comfort. In this series the strategic partners Schuberth helmets and Dräger Safety offer protection for the head of the quality class just twice: with the models Dräger HPS 6100 and the Dräger HPS 4100 (see helmet no.:240). The helmet is built by the company Schuberth.
Outer Shell: FRP = fiberglass-reinforced plastic, self-coating system, PU lining, modern interior design with carrying net from Nomex (heat resistant), headband, washable environmentally friendly eco-leather, heat resistant clear visor, double-sided scratch-proof coating, head quick size adjustment with use of the mask with head harness adjustable from 54-64, panic lock, 4-point chin strap made of Aramid / Nomex, transparent visor - optional gold and wire mesh visor. Weight: Approx. 1300 g
Year of production: 02/2004. According to the manufacturer, the helmet can be used 15 years if no negative influences have affected the helmet (high thermal loads on the helmet suitability addition, strong blows to the helmet or crashes, ...). Then it must be replaced.
As accessory are available: a gold visor, a lamp holder or various reflective strips.
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