Der Feuerwehrhelm

Fire Brigade Castelo Paiva
at the fire department parade in Avairo
"Dia do Bombeiro"


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Federal Republic of Germany since 1949 Synthetic helmet (˜2002)
In this collection since: 11.03.2005
0237 Standard helmet of Schuberth EN443, model F110. The helmet has the typically classic form from the old German fire helmet DIN 14940 from steel. The helmet bowl is made from glass fiber for high thermal uses (GFK UP GF) and therefore carrying also extremely easily and pleasantly. The classic ventilating perforation is missing. The helmet is painted persistently and provided with a reflex stripe of 20 mm. The helmet size H3 for head distances 59-64 cm adjustable. The helmet size H2 is for head sizes 53-61 cm suitable. The helmet is allowed by the German fire department accident registers for the inside attack and use in the fire exercise container. A blue sticker points to it inside the helmet. For exercise service and uses outside the fire container or inside attack the standard helmet no. 190 suffices. The helmets are equipped completely with neck guard of leather and opening visor. Production year of the helmets is November 2002. The helmets are suitable for the use service according to the manufacturer's indication for about 8 years.
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