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Federal Republic of Germany since 1949 Synthetic helmet (˜2004)
In this collection since: 10.02.2005
0225 Fire helmet H3000 of the company Roemer Bullard. The H- family is a consistent further development of the classic German fire helmet DIN 14940. Easy, compact, functional. For over 50 years the helmet he has been largely unchanged in use. Bullard has taken a approved concept an filled it with new technical life. Safety and carrying comfort at the newest technical level.
(1) outer bowl:
Protection against a mechanical influence. The H3000 has an outer bowl from hand worn, glass fiber reinforced Composite thermal glass®, equipped blazing tightly, extremely easy, shatter-proof, penetration firm and ageing constant. Thermal glass resists extreme temperatures and all common chemicals.
(2) head ring
For a simple and fast adaptation of the head size to every dealing between 52 and 64 cm. The Bullard Sure- Lock® trick seal can solidly and also with gloves be used. The head ring in addition makes an adjustment of the carrying height and the angle of inclination possible.
(3) neck protection
The neck guard from Ara-Shield™ is light, waterproofly not takes humidity, puts himself cleanly to the clothes and doesn't stand. He protects neck, ear and parts of the cheek area against flames reliably, Spark, liquids and mechanical influence. The Hollandtuch offers an all around protection. Folded it offers protection for neck and ear, it is possible to hear free and there is a free air supply. In the emergency case the velcros are opened, the cloth put around neck, ears and the cheek area. The complete head and neck area is protected so in connection with the breath protective mask. (Optional)
(4) inside bowl
Insulation and protection against blow influence. Instead of styrofoam Bullard uses a high-quality inside bowl from PU foam, a material with a high blow absorption, very good isolation qualities and high temperature resistance.
(5) head cushion sweat cushion
Soft, blazing firm foam materials provide a carrying luxury, Nomex provides for safety. Upholsters can easily be improved, cleaned and replaced if necessary cheaply.
(6) visor
The Bullard H3000 has a visually correct injection molding visor as one of the few helmets on the market according to EN 166 (and according to the harder U.S. standard NFPA). Different sizes and surface compensations are available also in gold colour. The Bullard safety goggles can alternatively be used.
Accessories: Visor EN 166, visor mount, neck guard from Ara- Shield, blazing protection cloth 4-layered model firemaster HT3000.
Admittances EN 443
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