Der Feuerwehrhelm

Fire truck with firefighters



Markus Bruchmann - Who I am


I was born in July 1970.
Growing up in a small town south of Freiburg, I attended after primary school in my hometown Pfaffenweiler, the secondary school in Freiburg.

After the training period from 1987 to 1990 at the company Sulzer GmbH in Freiburg, I stayed true to my training company and worked there as a designer in plant engineering since then. After several renaming the company is now called Cofely GmbH.

In 1993 I made the volunteer fire department to my hobby.
After completion of basic training, the performance badge and a squad leader course, I took part on the training for respirator carrier, radio speech and machinists.

In the period from 1993 to 2007, I accompanied the position of secretary.

Additional information on me in the fire service received on the Web site of my fire department

In 2009 I married my girl friend Carmen, with which I was already 11 years together before.

In August 2011, our little Son Lukas was born.

Until the birth of our son, was Traveling our large, common Hobby.

During these trips, we have visited many Fire brigades around the world, mets many nice comrades and often brought an authentic helmet to supplement this helmet collection with us.

After the hot training in the fire house of the
fire service Mulhouse ( Frankreich )

Third from left at the visit of our friendly fire department DVD Desno Trebarjevo (Croatia), together with Croatian friends and a Slovenian delegation.

Wedding journey 2009
Visit of the fire brigade Puerto Plata
Dominican Republic



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