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Current information and news about my collection of helmets


Der Feuerwehrhelm wishes you all Happy Easter! 


Der Feuerwehrhelm congratulates for the anniversary 


2018-02-11 European Day of the emergency call - 112  


We mourn for another firefighter 

We mourn the loss of a fire brigade comrade who died in Schleswig-Holstein during a mission.

Our compassion is for the family and the comrades. 

We mourn for three firefighters 

At operations during the storm Friederike three German firefighters were killed in the past week.

We mourn with the families and comrades. 

The collection Germany has been split 

For a better overview, the area Germany was divided into the sub-areas "German Reich", "Weimar Republic", "Third Reich" and Federal Republic of Germany ". The already existing part of the German Democratic Republic was included here.

Due to the paragraph § 86 StGB (Federal Republic of Germany) I would like to clarify some things:

On my website are various photographs of firefighter helmets or objects, which are provided with insignia of the 3rd Reich.
According to § 86 StGB, the swastika is a forbidden sign.
With the badges I show, I neither pursue the goal of propaganda for the right-wing scene, nor do I want to score by showing the characters.

That's why I explain:

The symbols shown here do not meet the criminal offense according to § 86 and 86a StGB.
It should be noted that the representation of the shown helmets of the 3rd Reich done in connection with the German fire department history.

Thus, the badges serve the teaching of current affairs.

They therefore comply with § 86 (3) and are therefore not a criminal offense.


Der Feuerwehrhelm says thank you! 

Thank you for over 240,000 visits in the past year 2017.
I'm happy about this large number because it shows me that I'm on the right track with my website.

You are welcome to come back again this year.

Markus Bruchmann
Der Feuerwehrhelm 

Der Feuerwehrhelm congratulates for the anniversary 

The fire department Schallstadt Abt. Mengen celebrates its 150th anniversary this year.

For this anniversary, we congratulate and wish the firefighters a nice anniversary year with great events.

Information about the fire department Schallstadt Abt. Mengen can be found here:

Der Feuerwehrhelm wish you a happy new year  


Merry Christmas 

DerFeuerwehrhelm wishes all visitors a Merry Christmas 

All Emergency services tshirts caps and badges for John 

John Morgen, a disabled boy from the UK, has made the collecting of badges from the emergency services and the police to his hobby.

I am glad that I could make him happy with my little gift.

He thanked me personally with this video.

"Link to John" 

Visite from the USA 

Today we had a very nice visit from the USA. Joe Brown and his wife Bonny are from Lincroft NJ. I met Joe in 2004 when I took part at the Steuben Parade in New York with my Fire Department.
We had a very nice conversation and looked at the helmet collection. Of course, Joe also discovered the helmet of his fire department. 

Remember 9/11 - Last Alarm 2017 

In memory of the victims of the terrorist raids in the United States of America.

Our memory particularly is for the 343 members of the FDNY and their families

Last alarm 2017
At the same time we commemorate the firefighters all over the world who was killed in action.

Thanks and appreciation for their contributions!  

Heavy accident at the gates of Berlin, two dead comrades. 

On the Bundesautobahn 2 last night an accident occurred between a truck and a transporter. The fire brigade moved to the site. Another truck raced into the secured accident site, two firefighters lost their lives.

Our participation is for the relatives and comrades of the injured. We wish you much strength for the coming hours and weeks, our thoughts are with you.

Text: Feuerwehr Berlin
Foto: spreepicture / Polizeireport Berlin Brandenburg 

New fire helmets online  

The list of the latest update.
Fire helmet 801 to fire helmet 840
(To enlarge please click on the picture)

The fire helmets can be found in the "collection"

With the update now are also fire helmets from Tonga, Trinidad and Tobago, Saudi Arabia and North Korea on the website.

A new type of helmets (test helm series from Dräger) and unusual or rare fire helmets from the Gallet F1 series are also available.

Have fun with it.

Markus Bruchmann  
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